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Studio Pozner is a leading retail design studio with over 2000 stores planned for more than a 100 brands;
ranging from international brands such as Armani exchange, H&M, iqos, Tommy Hilfiger to local leading Israeli brands such as Renuar, twentyfourseven, Super Pharm, FOX Home, Laline, BIG, Azrieli, April, Crazy Line,  and many more.


The design process for a retail brand is based on two elements:
The emotional aspect that includes analyzing the brands’ values and designing an aesthetic experience that maintains the brand uniqueness in a competitive environment
The second is the rational aspect that examines the physical space, analyzes its retail qualities and uses them to maximize the space and best serve the brand, maintain a good customer flow, extenuate its presence, and deliver a practical plan that will produce an enhanced retail experience and better store profitability. 



Keren has been a leader in the Israeli design field for the last 20+ years.
Keren holds a Bachelor design degree from the College of Management Israel.



Shelly joined the studio in 2009 and has led the studio for the past few years, she has over 20 years of experience working in Israel and the US.
Shelly holds a masters degree in Interior Design from Pratt Institute in NYC and a Bachelors degree in Communications and Management from the College of Management Israel.


Dina joined Studio Pozner in 2014 and has been one of the studios leading designers and project managers.
Dina holds a Bachelors design degree from HIT Israel.



Michael Joined our team in 2018, he is a leading designer and master of 3d renderings.
Michael holds a Bachelors degree in Industrial & Interior design from the University of  Florence Italy.



Aviran Joined our team in 2024, he is an experienced interior designer and project manager.
Aviran holds a Bachelors degree in Interior Design from the Collage of Management in Israel.

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