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Studio Pozner is a leading retail design studio with over 2000 stores planned for more than a 100 brands;
ranging from international brands such as Armani exchange, H&M, iqos, Tommy Hilfiger to local leading Israeli brands such as Renuar, twentyfourseven, Super Pharm, FOX Home, Laline, BIG, Azrieli, April, Crazy Line,  and many more.


The design process for a retail brand is based on two elements:
The emotional aspect that includes analyzing the brands’ values and designing an aesthetic experience that maintains the brand uniqueness in a competitive environment
The second is the rational aspect that examines the physical space, analyzes its retail qualities and uses them to maximize the space and best serve the brand, maintain a good customer flow, extenuate its presence, and deliver a practical plan that will produce an enhanced retail experience and better store profitability. 


Keren has been a leader in the Israeli design field for the last 20+ years.
Keren hold a bachelor design degree from the college of management.
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